Thursday, January 20, 2011

i might just go ballistic

ever stop to think about how the people who are most hateful and vocal when it comes to minorities and foreigners are also the most conservative on the ideological spectrum here in the USA? (i'm thinking it's probably world-wide, but you other folks will just have to contend with your own kooks.)

seriously, when was a hippie ever mad enough to go further than stamping her foot a couple of times, and saying "shit, shit, shit!"? liberals and granolas and the rest of us on the "progressive" side just aren't by nature very mean people. i know, speaking for myself, that i get a bit riled when i'm driving during rush hour, and i've been known to fantasize about firing missiles into the cars of particularly annoying drivers. or even firing guns at them.

remember, though, that's just during rush hour, a time when everyone's nerves are frayed after an aggravating day in the office, and all the associated irritations. it's not as though these are feelings i'm likely to act out -- especially considering i don't own any weapons. nor do i plan to purchase any.

i think that besides not having guns and a hateful attitude towards other people in general, we lefties don't have the cash to rule the airwaves the way the right does. they talk a lot of shit, but they can also back it up on TV, radio, in print and on the net. they have multi-million dollar budgets and the best talent out there for getting the message across to their audience.

i mean, if you're a right-wing commentator on FOX, you're pulling in at least a cool million a year, and probably doing radio and got a book deal, too. for people without a conscience -- even if personally they don't think the nigroes are gonna take over -- they know which side pays the best (face it, on the left you just don't get paid at all). so is it any wonder that our message is trod underfoot while the press pack stampedes to get the latest tea party bluster on the air?

there's also the herd mentality that ensure that when one of them is attacked, they all pile on to defend the one. can it be any surprise that sarah palin and her defenders eventually dominated the airwaves with their attacks on anyone who dared to suggest their violent rhetoric spurred the lunatic loughner to attack the congresswoman. they were so successful that they became the victims, while the dead were an afterthought except to the ol' softies on the left, who as always wrung their hands in despair over what is happening in "their" country.

i might go ballistic, too, but i just don't have it in me. i hear the remembrances of dr. king on his day, and his exhortations to keep it non-violent. that resonates with me, but i don't think that's going to be enough this time. or maybe i should just say, i don't know if it'll be enough.

there are times that you really ARE called to arms, when other types of resistance are futile -- at least, by themselves. it may be coming to the time when a more muscular approach is called for. i'm not saying it's here yet. but i'm thinking about it.

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