Sunday, January 9, 2011

loughren or assange?

who is america's paramount enemy? the would-be assassin of a congresswoman or the putative journalist who is responsible for publishing embarrassing bon mots about the US government?

i do believe the loughren is destined to do for the sequestration of public officials what the underwear bomber did for pre-flight searches. eric cantor, the new majority leader from virginia, announced that all the week's business in the house is on hold -- including the quixotic vote of repeal of "obamacare" -- until the guys figure out what do do about the shooting of one of their own.

of course, giffords was from the wrong side of the aisle, and was on the receiving end of sarah palin's love shots. those gunsights pasted on gifford's congressional district in palin's hitlist for the 2010 elections served up plenty of death threats and vandalism against a, by all accounts, fairly sane, uncontroversial official.

cantor, being the poster boy for the slash-and-burn party of oligarchy, will cut and run when it comes to owning up to his party's cynical manipulation of the yahoo movement. he may be a nice jewish boy from richmond, but when it comes to preserving the power and perogatives of the 1 percenters, he has no compunction about ginning up pogroms for liberals and socialists -- if that's what it takes.

what a different world from that of his predecessor, tom bliley, the congressman from philip morris. he might've been a sleazebag, but he was a genteel sleazebag...

as i said, the GOPpers co-opted the tea party movement early on, hijacking a grassroots uprising against bailouts for the too-big-to-fail banks and turning it into a lynching for our first negro president -- and open season on all the traitors and socialists who put him into office. there was a run on guns -- the race was on to buy as many weapons as possible before obama took away their guns!

this whole movement simply soaked up every fringe GOPper that ever crawled the earth here in the hinterlands. they came out of their bunkers as soon as the smoke cleared in november of 2008, and found a black man in the white house! it was then that murdoch powered up the the hatred accelerator and began bombarding the yahoo nation with charged particles of venom and resentment.

what, do you suppose, cantor and his colleagues will decide to do about this great national tragedy? the protection racket, as muscle-bound and steroid-charged as it already is, well be summoned to receive yet another mega-injection of paranoia stimulant, and we'll quickly find ourselves subject to an ever-more elaborate set of legislative remedies to the lack of complete government control over all facets of what was once naively called "dissent". we will no doubt find president Zero enthusiastic about signing a new bill that will outlaw wikileaks forever, and punish all those who seek to embarrass the government with as-yet-inconceivable regime of torture -- before their undisclosed execution in an undisclosed location.

how, pray tell, is this consistent with the tea party agenda of reducing the size and reach of the government? hmmm, well it's unfortunate that we had to bring that up, because the truth is, it's completely incompatible with the tea party agenda. nevertheless, inconsistency be damned, it's full speed ahead at coming up with ever more draconian punishments for anyone who seeks to bring about more open and responsible government.

then we can get back to the business of promoting the interests of business, which is what the US government is primarily engaged in. it's a shame that in the process of sliming the middle class out of everything it owns, a few politicians have to die at the hands of over-enthusiastic true-believer yahoos, but when it comes right down to it, i'm sure in a rare moment of candor, a government spokesman would admit, we think the price is worth it.

so let's get ready for a bit of austerity, shall we? and we'll persecute assange to make you all feel better.

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