Thursday, January 13, 2011

tragedy for the white wing

poor sarah palin, the patron saint of self-pity.

no one put a cap in  her ass last weekend, but the aftermath of the tucson shootings -- at least in her view -- is a savage and hateful attack on her by the media and punditry.

without a hint of irony, this product of the same media she claims has made her a victim, this FOX news commentator who pulls in millions by tugging the heartstrings of her worshipful fans, claims the vehicle that brought her to the ball is trying to spoil the party.

i'm sorry, but i fail to have any sympathy for this pathetic loser as she hawks hatred and resentment to the ranks of deluded scoundrels who revel in their own exceptionalness while taking no responsibility for the sorry state of the country they did so much to corrupt.

these same intellectually lazy and hateful people have been a fixture in american history. they've been aptly called "no-nothings" in the past, and that succinctly sums up their grasp of the world as others outside their cramped orbit know it. they've proven themselves exceptionally cruel through genocide of native peoples through the shameful blood libel that they have used through the centuries to exploit and marginalize dark-skinned fellow citizens.

in their current incarnation they suppose themselves the anointed of god in a half-baked, homemade theology that serves to rationalize and excuse their atrocious behavior towards the neighbors they'd rather persecute than show any love to. with their god and their guns, they stand against a human tide of people not like them, not good enough for them, a hopeless and eventually deadly last stand -- the rapture that, when all is lost, will find them literally whisked to heaven instead of standing to account for their crimes.

is sarah palin any less crazed than a crack head fiending for another blast, or jared lee loughren, who merely carried the rhetoric of messiahs like sarah palin and glen beck to it's logical, illogical conclusion? who in their right mind goads agitated and desperate people with instructions like, "don't retreat, reload!" is her imagination so compromised by video games and reality TV that she fails to grasp the power her demagoguery has over the weak and dependent personalities she commands?

sarah palin may be oblivious to the implied threats her words carry, but is she also dead wood upstairs when it comes to the hypocrisy of unleashing the same barrage of criticism against her ideological foes that she cries foul about when she finds herself on the receiving end? after a never-ending stream of personal attacks steaming with imagery of gun violence and the extermination of political foes, shouldn't this powderpuff of a nazi have a thick enough skin to shrug it off? does she have to crawl out of her hole to read the speech her handlers have written for her, to see vindication for herself and her depraved cause?

sarah palin is a bomb thrower and an anarchist waging war against civilized discourse and civil society in general. her power comes not from leading people to salvation, but to mass destruction. her call to arms -- and it's a literal one -- has no point except to exacerbate already seething tensions, and to spark an all-out war between a thoroughly discredited past and the very real, and very broken present situation in these united states.

like everything about sarah palin, however, it's fake. it's not a real war, it's not being fought over real issues, and when all is said and done, all that will have been accomplished is that the problems that bedevil this society will have been left to fester for another decade before demographics does what sarah's footsoldiers will fail to do: stop tomorrow.

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