Saturday, January 8, 2011

Land of the whine and losers

this is such a corrupt and demented nation, we can ignore information day after day, but when the military-media complex decides to throw us some scrap of information to stampede the herd into a panic that will bolster the "defense" budget, it rates top position in the news -- witness the recent strides in military technology from our global rivals in china.

stories coming out in the mainstream press last week trumpeted new chinese threats from above -- a new stealth fighter and a ballistic missile that can ruin an aircraft carrier.

damn, there goes amulti-billion-dollar tub, down to davey jones' locker!

moreover, the pentagon "experts" have once again got it wrong: the chinks are 10 years ahead of schedule! who gave 'em permission to that?

the news about the jet made a bit of a splash, but for the folks in the trade it was taken in stride. the air force times (here) gives the inside line:

The Defense Department isn’t worried about the China military, said spokesman Marine Col. Dave Lapan.
“It is not of concern that they are working on a fifth-generation fighter,” Lapan said, since the Chinese are “still having difficulties with their fourth-generation fighter.”
whew, i was worried there for a minute... but now it looks like all we need to do is cancel some of those planned pentagon spending cuts secretary gates has proposed, and we'll straighten it....

as for the anti-ship ballistic missile, there's a little less cocksureness about that one. according to the US naval institute :

If operational as is believed, the system marks the first time a ballistic missile has been successfully developed to attack vessels at sea. Ships currently have no defense against a ballistic missile attack.
now that is a definite, oh-shit, scenario for our brilliant "defense" planners, as our whole MO is based on the carrier battle group to maintain total domination over the planet. in fact, this chinese kill weapon (ISNI news) is so serious:

"The Navy's reaction is telling, because it essentially equals a radical change in direction based on information that has created a panic inside the bubble. For a major military service to panic due to a new weapon system, clearly a mission kill weapon system, either suggests the threat is legitimate or the leadership of the Navy is legitimately unqualified. There really aren't many gray spaces in evaluating the reaction by the Navy…the data tends to support the legitimacy of the threat."

so how much do you think it's going to cost to counteract the anti-threat threat posed by our much more financially robust adversaries in asia? how are we going to get the money to pay for a defense against the chinese defense? do you suppose the PBOC will buy more US t-bills? not likely, as they've already quit.

besides, with our puny industrial base and declining educational system, how are we going to meet the challenges of tomorrow? we've moved all the factories to low-wage countries and our plutocrats are pocketing the money that used to go into education and other forms of social progress that keep a nation prosperous and strong. unfortunately, both political parties have been co-opted by the plutocrats, and this is a government of, by and for the advancement of the very few.

by the time the filthy rich realize that they've gone too far, and didn't think collectively enough to forestall their own destruction along with everyone else's, so as we slide further and faster downhill, they're finding there's no "stop" button!

i think they may still feel that they're safe in their gated communities far from the chaos they've created in their zeal for acquisition. they believe that they can simply use their money to stay one step ahead of the coming catastrophe. global warming/climate change? simple, move to montana or wyoming, where there's plenty of high ground and mostly like-minded white people to provide refuge. (either that, or the rapture, which is scheduled for may 21 this year, according to the latest estimates).

it's a very sad commentary on our times: the chinese and the indians , while "liberalizing" their economies to play with the big boys in the west, have not totally deregulated financial institutions like their more audacious counterparts in the wall street/london axis, and consequently they are not in the same boat as economies in europe -- and soon to be the US -- where they are subject to "hostile takeover" by the IMF (max keiser, the keiser report -- you really need to follow this guy's show: keiser report). it's a huge and horrific scam, where working people are forced to bail out the failed banks in their respective countries, and then face crippling austerity measures mandated by the IMF in order to obtain financing for the debts incurred because of the bank bailouts!

this dysfunctional scenario hasn't quite sunk in at the US entertainment console. that 52-inch HDTV is just starting to warm up for the stupor bowl, and while we know the GOPpers are back in the driver's seat in the US capitol, the guy with the golden voice has been redeemed reunited with his mama, so there's no limit to the decency and goodness of the american people. move along, folks, nothing to see here...

i've always found it amusing how gullible and clueless americans are. i think it's part and parcel of our sense of entitlement, and the narcotic effect of american exceptionalism. this is an affliction that affects the entire body politic, incidentally, and not simply the uneducated and otherwise diverted lower-caste of characters. it affects those who are steering the ship of state no less. they are so impressed with their own brilliance, their own perspicacity, that they can't conceive of their lapdogs pissing on their pantlegs while they're enraptured by their own reflections in the bathroom mirror.

while we are going broke chasing all these star-wars anti-missile defense systems and gee-whiz pilotless drones with hellfire missiles, and sending our aircraft carrier fighter groups around the playgrounds of american hegemony -- while we're strutting about like a gassed-up peacock, preening and squawking and shitting like kings, we're being sold out by our own best flunkies and hangers-on. frankly, they would piss on us if we weren't on fire, so instead they give us a drink of ice-cold flattery while robbing the firehouse.

it isn't the $52 million (from wikileaks: When one of Afghanistan’s two vice presidents visited the United Arab Emirates last year, local authorities working with theDrug Enforcement Administration discovered that he was carrying $52 million in cash. With wry understatement, a cable from the American Embassy in Kabul called the money “a significant amount” that the official, Ahmed Zia Massoud, “was ultimately allowed to keep without revealing the money’s origin or destination.”). it isn't even the $55 BILLION spent by american taxpayers to rebuild afghanistan that has gone down a black hole, without any kind of accounting.

it's our bestest fair-weather friends, the israelis, who deserve the eternal gratitude of all those who hate and live to humiliate the american people. the israelis are the world's most outstanding example of two-faced, opportunistic, lying and thieving miscreants. when it comes of offal, dirtbags and scum, you can't find more deserving of the shit-can of history than the bunch that rules that orgy of self-serving hypocrisy.

i have no doubt in my own mind of how the chinese have been able to so prodigiously steal and copy the technology and designs of all the advanced weaponry that they are now aiming at US targets. if you have any question about which side the israelis are on vis a vis the US, just remember the liberty (

if you care to see what in the world our "allies" in israel are up to, try a google search of "israel sold US technology to china", and you'll immediately open a treasure trove of readings telling of decades of treachery. not only have we bankrolled the development of all these gold-plated weapons systems, and given to most foreign aide to the israelis, but we stand by them in the UN every time they commit some new outrage against international law and humanity, and give them the fig leaf of our veto in the security council. we're a full-service sucker for the rapacious, murdering, oppressive regime that spares no effort to make the US a most-hated partner in their crimes.

the likud government's most sincere wish is to bring the US into a war on iran, which is sure to plunge this country into the darkest period in its history. still, the israelis believe it will be to their advantage to be rid of yet another potential brake on their expansionist, terrortorial agenda. so, to paraphrase an american diplomat in a moment of rare candor, they believe the price is worth it. 

the price, however, isn't necessarily to be shared equally among all the partners. the US will to the fighting, will pay the bills and do the dying, while the shriveled old fucks in saudi arabia and egypt will be able to pass an unconstipated turd, and the zionist crackheads get to horn in on more territories and resources they covet. then, if the US is washed up and there's civil unrest and violence in the major cities, so what?

there aren't many zionists in china. the chinese have no experience with the pogroms and lunatic christian persecution of the jews. they are, after all, an unapologetically atheistic society. they battle muslim separatists like the uighurs, or the tibetan buddhists, but it's mostly a naked exercise of power over ethnic groups for territory. when the pope wails about the freedoms of chinese catholics, the yapping american media may report it, but this is of no importance in a culture that's cohesive, proud and values conformity. i cringe a little when i hear the central committee launching it's program for "a harmonious society" and realize that this is the source of china's strength.

with the US on the way down and china on the way up, the conniving government in tel aviv is willing to stab is benefactor in the back to gain the gratitude of a potential future patron. it'll be interesting to see how they fare in this endeavor, in that there is no jewish lobby in beijing, nor is the chinese political system open to the highest bidder as it is here in the US. while china is doing all the right things to become an economic powerhouse, the chinese government is still disciplined and powerful enough to draw the line somewhere short of selling the state to wealthy interests. there's a much older, more developed political culture in asia than here in the US. we've succumbed to "globalism" here, meaning that multinational corporations have no allegiance whatsoever to any nation or state -- they simply go where the tax laws are most favorable.

that won't happen in china, where the hierarchy still favors and stands for the chinese state and chinese people. in this way, the nationalistic agenda of the likudniks is well understood by their chinese counterparts, and why they are so willing to do business with the israeli government. they understand the impulse for territorial expansion, and the liquidation of indigenous people as part of the nationalist impulse. so it does not strike them in the least as dishonorable or ungrateful for the israelis to show contempt for their erstwhile patrons here in the US. the chinese, too, were more than happy to give the americans plenty of rope with which to hang themselves, too.

in a way, i'm pleased that the US has sold out its national interests to corporations and the plutocrats that run them. i'm happy to see the systems of exploitation and oppression finally failing and falling. i'm sure there's going to be much chaos, killing and upheaval on the way to a new world. still, just as there is no "stop" button on the greed impulse that's dragging america to it's fall, there's no way to stop the remaking of the world in a new image. i take the ascendancy of china and all the lesser players as but a brief stop on the way to a new order that elevates the status of the historically dominated to a new equilibrium among many and smaller states living more in harmony with one another and with the planet.

just don't ask me why, or how, yet...

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