Tuesday, January 11, 2011

north korea?

headline: Gates: N. Korea will pose direct threat to US...

poor robert gates. the chinese blew him off when he went to beijing to ask why they're building all those def new weapons -- stealth bomber, ballistic anti-ship missile -- and to see if they want to be our friends.

thanks, but no thanks, was their answer.

what's beleaguered bob to do? he knows the "defense" establishment is bleeding the economy for no good reason, and it's simply hastening the day when the whole bloated racket collapses.

rather than admit that his back's to the wall, it looks like we've got to go through another cycle of amped-up threats, in the hope that nervous allies will fall in line and help bail us out. 

we're ceaselessly in search of new threats to counter. the problem is, our erstwhile allies are more afraid of us these days than of our enemies. we've lost all sense of proportion; we want to blindly strike out at flies with our million-dollar hellfire missiles.

we're kind of the jared lee loughner of the world stage. everyone knows we're kind of off-balance, and that we have some crazy ideas. they keep hoping against hope that we won't do anything crazy. they all wish we'd just chill out.

but the voices won't be quiet. they keep murmuring, kill, kill, kill. and there's a newfound sense of urgency in our twisted national psyche, as everyone else seems to be against us...

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