Sunday, January 9, 2011

off base

where was it ever written that politicians had to be completely two-faced and full of shit? because we've just been reminded of the completely hypocritical nature of the political animal this week in virginia.

what passes for a position hereabouts is something like what the GOPpers proclaim as their undying resolve to shrink the size of the federal government, and to curtail its voracious appetite for tax dollars. it's an article of faith among the tea party posturers, and all the corporate hangers-on who provide the financial muscle for the party.

so what to say about the closure of the joint forces command, ordered by president zero this past week? it was a bloodbath, with 6,000 jobs in hampton roads on the line. virginia's biggest industry, by far, is the military-industrial complex, and any time the budget gets nicked, there comes a cry of agony from the esteemed leadership.

governor mcdonald's was livid, as we're down to half a happy meal at the federal trough these days. the state's congressional delegation complained that defense secretary robert gates didn't release enough information to justify its decision -- apparently waiting for wikileaks do the job for him.

c'mon guys, give us all a break. if you want to "starve the beast" and really shrink the size of the federal government until its small enough to drown in a bathtub, why are you always looking to uncle sam with your hand out to bring lots of goodies here to virginia (along with all the other red states, which dis-proportionally benefit compared to their contributions to the federal kitty)?

big, bad president zero, that closet muslim and socialist, is trying to weaken our great nation, starting here in virginia -- i'm quite sure those will be the words tumbling from eric cantor's lips as he works both sides of his mouth, spending and spending without any intention of paying for all the bacon he's bringing home -- the same that he filches from grannies, women and orphans across the land.

come on, you leaders, tell us why this isn't like a huge drug addiction for the state. "we want to quit, but the devil's got us." summon pat robertson, mr. cantor, to pray for you and your party. he's got a red 4GL smartphone straight to the big guy himself, and the request lines are open.

these lying repubs need help finding their lost manhood. they need to find the gumption to throw away that crutch they're leaning on -- fat military budgets. when widows, orphans and the slightly unhinged full of thoughts of murder come to governor mcdonalds' with open hands, looking for that other half of a happy meal, they won't accept a few crumbs of depleted uranium, or rabbit pellets.

give 'em what they really want, give 'em the truth about how you guys have run a racket on 'em for the past 60 years, lining the pockets of crony capitalists while those who hunger have to settle for austerity burgers. tell them the truth, at last, so they won't have to depend on wikileaks in order to know the truth of how rotten this entire system has become.

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