Tuesday, January 11, 2011


so many wimps, so much mush!

Obama: US Grieving, Shocked Over Ariz. Rampage
anyone who claims to be grieving over this stuff is taking it way too hard. where's the shock over all those people we're blowing up in pakistan's tribal areas? our ration of civilians to "terrorists" is about 9 to 1, but if we're aware of it at all, it's just a statistic.

as for the demise of civility and the abandonment of all pretense of decorum in our hyper-partisan political environment, it's just about as hopeless as the prospect that this society will deal honestly and realistically with the toxic outputs of our consumer society. we'll all die in a river of shit before we do anything more than argue about it.

US Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Tom Donohue said that "regulatory roadblocks" are holding back economic growth.
the US chamber, as was frequently documented during last fall's political campaigns, is a front group for a handful of large kleptocratic interests, though it presents itself as a representative of main street.   these are the guys who the white house talks to when it deals with business "leaders," like the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries during "negotiations" for healthcare "reform." everything is about cutting a sweetheart deal for their officers and shareholders. and like the admin found in its dealings with them, they go through politicians like toilet paper -- funding the GOPpers to tear down the healthcare "reforms" they'd previously negotiated. they're like monopoly players that won't quit til they have ALL the money, and this crying jag about regulations is just one more scheme and scam to weaken the already puny to non-existent government financial, product and safety standards that have already proved so disastrous in so many places.
When I first heard a few months ago that Brad Womack would be reprising the role of the dashing suitor on "The Bachelor," I was skeptical.
this last ties it all together. i have no idea who write it, but it appears as a teaser to some entertainment website story about a TV show which i will never see. i suppose out of many things people could be doing to harm themselves or others, this would rank fairly low on the list. when it comes to things people could be doing to improve their lives, and the world around them, it also ranks pretty darn low. it's the salve that comforts people with no taste, and not much going for them in other areas. life is simply a series of diversions, from one pointless, mind-numbing interlude to the next. then go to sleep and go to work. we have it made in the USA -- don't tell anybody...

is this all there is? give me a fuck'n break!

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