Saturday, January 8, 2011


some punk returned from sunny Afghanistan went on a shooting spree at a political event in arizona today, and took down about a dozen people with an automatic weapon -- including a federal judge and a member of congress.

the member of congress, U.S. Rep Gabrielle Giffords, was in the crosshairs of sarah palin's political campaign to rid congress of democrats in the latest election. giffords won, but today some lunatic with a gun made palin proud.

(palin has now removed the graphic of giffords with the crosshairs from her website.)

i am not qualified to give a psychological diagnosis of what drives a stranger to kill people at random, and there's certain to be more to this guy's story than a robotic subservience to sarah palin's political agenda. even though the GOPpers' message is incendiary, it will never pass any kind of legal test of incitement. palin and her cronies will simply brush it off, and claim it's just resentment over the recent political pounding the democraps took.

sarah palin and the repugnant party don't have that much power. the tea party brings along a lot of tempermental yahoos, but they aren't the real gasoline on the fire, either.

there's a complete, total breakdown of society underway. there is a steadily building undercurrent of pathology and simmering rage that is coursing through the body politic. the blood is starting to boil. it won't be islamic terrorists who will wreak havoc on our cities and shopping malls. it'll be the lone wolf gunman, tipped over the edge and armed to the teeth, who will strike again and again against the comfortable, afflicting them with the same horror that invades the dreams of the shooters.

Seung-Hui Cho was one such, but there will be more. many more.

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