Wednesday, April 27, 2011

what a day for the USA...

although it's not new news, the stats for the afghan pilot's shooting spree in kabul keeps going up. the latest i saw, it was up to 10 americans. as ABC news reports:
An Afghan Air Corps pilot, angered by an argument with nine American trainers at Kabul airport, pulled a gun on the Americans, disarmed them and methodically killed them, officials said today.

The shooter then apparently shot and killed himself.

The Afghan military said the gunman was a 20 year veteran of the Afghan Air Corps who had gotten in an argument with the American trainers during a meeting in a conference room at the Afghan Air Force headquarters.
it's well known that american military personnel can be a little cocky at times. when will they realize that not every foreigner is going down on his knees to kiss their asses? it seems a bit much to expect, even in this age of declining civility -- and dwindling american exceptionalism. just another bunch of assholes, i'm afraid.

on that note, how about the latest from the palestinians? fatah and hamas have apparently come to an agreement to reconcile, which has in turn left the white house and the terminally obnoxious netenyahu government in a tizzy.

the root tooters at reuters have this quote from one of the minions of likud in the house of barack:
"The United States supports Palestinian reconciliation on terms which promote the cause of peace. Hamas, however, is a terrorist organization which targets civilians," White House spokesman Tommy Vietor said in a statement.

"To play a constructive role in achieving peace, any Palestinian government must accept the Quartet principles and renounce violence, abide by past agreements, and recognize Israel's right to exist," he said.
in other words, the israelis and their facilitators don't want to talk to hamas, and so make any talks contingent upon immediate and total capitulation of the palestinians to whatever demands the israelis manage to concoct in their absolute refusal to entertain the notion of negotiation -- at least, negotiations that are intended to come about to some mutually agreeable resolution to the differences dividing the parties.

the israelis have made it clear that they intend to dither and delay until a republican administration takes over in the white house, at which time it'll unilaterally declare that there can be no negotiations, since the palestinians obviously aren't serious about peace!

if it weren't for obama releasing his birth certificate, today might have had to be written off as a complete waste of time for the US. now, however, at least the president will have established to all the doubters that he is indeed a true american. and that, after all, was the biggest obstacle to putting the country back on track as a world leader...

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