Thursday, April 21, 2011

climate change: a scorched earth policy

new york times published a piece today on the rampaging texas wildfires:
More than 1 million acres of Texas plains and forests has gone up in smoke this month as hundreds of fires blazed through the Lone Star State. Gusting winds, statewide drought and low humidity have created tinderbox conditions that state and federal firefighters are still struggling to contain. Lacking a forecast of steady downpours to cool the scorching earth, the Texas Forest Service is expecting the fire conditions to continue wreaking havoc throughout the state.
i've always said, the deniers won't accept human culpability for climate change until rising sea levels reach their chins...

on the other hand, maybe the wake-up call will be in the form of a firestorm instead of a flood.

as we are frequently reminded, everything is bigger in texas -- including the hubris and arrogance of its pay-to-play oligarchy.

but i have a feeling this might be bigger than those texas oil billionaires.

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