Sunday, April 10, 2011

DEA: dancers, not dopers...

on my way to the gymnastics competition on sat., april 9 at the convention center, i was psyched to run across another dance competition -- this time put on by the DEA. naw, not that DEA. the dance educators of america. i worked my way into the hall and started working my way into good position to knock off some stills of the dancers doing their routines when some noxious biddy got into my face about disqualifying the dancers by taking photographs.

i didn't argue, even though i was pissed. i love these dance competitions. they aren't high art but i really appreciate the hard work and the heart these kids put into what they do. besides being a visual treat, it's just a hopeful sign for the future to see kids dedicated to something besides the bullshit they are bombarded with on TV.

when i got home, i even looked up the rules and the bitch had her facts wrong, just as i suspected. video and flash photography aren't allowed, but i wasn't shooting with a flash -- that's for dumb shits with a point and shoot. i'm continually amazed by people who flaunt their ignorance -- in this case about photography -- to manufacture controversy. and they're not saving the fucking kids, either. but that's their premise. if you don't want your kids to be seen, keep 'em locked in the house.

anyway, i dig the photos. i only regret i didn't get more...

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