Saturday, April 2, 2011

it doesn't hurt if you don't care

i just read how VCU lost its game tonight. i think the team is butler -- but i'd have to go look it up and it's not that important.

i went downtown this morning and walked around for a few hours, eventually passing through the old school. i was curious what it would be like -- no surprise there's lots of school spirit.  personally, i've never quite grasped the concept -- seems a lot like nationalism, maybe its a surrogate for nationalistic fervor -- an exercise in building group identity and cohesion, and creating obligatory conformity within an institutional framework.

membership has its privileges -- but just the same, i'd just as soon not join...

i had my cameras, too. here's a sample of what i saw during my walk:

cops were towing cars left and right on broad street this afternoon -- no burning vehicles tonight!

i always thought one of the few virtues of VCU was its cultural diversity -- although there's a bit of cliquishness 

the weather was a bit bizarre, with dark clouds bringing wind, rain, hail and frenzied behavior

love those boots, and those school colors!

you'd have thought it was a weekday at rush hour with all the traffic -- but it was saturday!

what's up, blondie?

watchdog down on clay street

not sure this is where i'd get my hair done...

those were the days... too bad governor mcdonnell didn't get the liquor business privatized...

springtime in virginia, near one of VCU behemoths on the periphery of monroe park

i'm pretty sure this isn't the same watchdog...

this was the scene at the aftermath of the ukrops monument avenue 10k

VCU brandcenter or whatever that goddamn propaganda academy is called probably came up with this incomprehensible catchphrase. can somebody please explain it?

i opted for the heavy equipment in front of the cathedral, rather than the shot of the 'go rams' banner -- isn't that sacrilegious or something? 

with all the parking decks the university is building, it's good to see at least somebody who's not driving!

another day, another deck...

these are the "ramz" apartments -- dormitory-style living on top of your favorite fast-food franchises. what a killer concept!

not another parking deck? didn't anybody tell these people about peak oil and climate change?

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