Friday, April 8, 2011

the environment: capitalists' playground

i'm calling tokyo jokio for the pump and dump antics of TEPCO at fuckushima nookuler plant:
"TOKYO, April 9 (Reuters) - Japan expects to stop pumping radioactive water into the sea from a crippled nuclear plant on Saturday, a day after China expressed concern at the action, reflecting growing international unease at the month-long nuclear crisis.

'The emptying out of the relatively low radiation water is expected to finish tomorrow (Saturday),' a Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) official said late on Friday."

a while back when the russkies were doing a bit of waste-dumping into the sea of japan, the nips were plenty disturbed about it -- demanding that this flagrantly illegal activity stop, post haste! funny how a bit of time and a run of bad luck changes things.

'course, leave it to those paragons of enviromental stewardship at the chinese communist party, inc., to play the role of tree-huggers on the media this time. the same sincere, caring earth-firsters who had to shut down the country's industries for six months before the 2008 olympics so that the world's athletes wouldn't collapse from breathing the fresh beijing air.

you couldn't make this shit up.

then, talk about piling on:
G20 finance leaders will ask Tokyo for a plan to resuscitate its economy as they see the economic damage from the earthquake as a risk to global growth, Takatoshi Kato, a former IMF deputy managing director, told Reuters in an interview on Friday.
fuckushima is going from bad to worse, they don't have a plan or a prayer as far as keeping the damage in check, aftershocks still rattle the pulverized northern landscape and all the G20 powers want to know is how japan plans to get its economy back on track so as not to upset the global economic apple cart.

well, i got news for those greedy bastards: japan ain't gonna make it, and neither are the rest of the slimy gangsters that make up and enable the global banking cartel.

it's just a matter of time. just like the catastrophe that brought down fuckushima was a disaster waiting to happen -- in spite of every precaution that didn't do a lick of good when push came to shove.

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