Friday, April 8, 2011

Trump drags democracy to the dump

if you needed an example of how shit floats, there's the trump presidential campaign to consider.

leave it to a craven, publicity-seeking rich fuck to further pollute and debase the american political process -- already soiled by scoundrels and snakes like sarah palin and newty gingrich. from FOCKS news:
Trump Raises Eyebrows as He Rises in Presidential Polls - "Donald Trump is famous for being brash, rich and opinionated. And at this stage in 2012 presidential jockeying, all that has put him in the theoretical running for the Republican nomination.
“I never really considered very strongly running for the presidency,” Trump said. “But the country has never been in trouble like it is now.”
Trump says he'll decide by June and he conferred this week with GOP chairman Reince Priebus on the details of the presidential season.
He has also secured a comfortable spot in the early polling. In a recent Wall Street Journal poll, Trump tied for second with Mike Huckabee at 17 percent, just behind Mitt Romney at 21 percent."
trump at least concedes the desperate state of the country when he observes that its "never been in trouble like it is now." and it's in that trouble precisely because jackasses like trump can be taken seriously in a surrealistic media landscape where cashflow equals access.

trump rode the white horse of the tea party anti-obama crusade to this remarkable blip in the polls -- where he finds himself in a solid tie for second place! riding to the rescue with his call for barky's birth certificate, trump suddenly acquires "credibility" with the credulous ninnies encrusted on the asshole of the political fringe.

the more outlandish and spectacularly embarrassing trump becomes, the higher his presidential stock rises -- indeed, it soars in inverse proportion to the IQ of his newfound admirers.

that someone can be so cynical as to seize upon such a ludicrous gambit for publicity, and in turn be feted in the "serious" media as presidential timber is a sad but telling demonstration of the utter bankruptcy of not only the national treasury, but also the intellectual stock of the US.

first it was a B movie actor, and now a reality TV star. it's the fulfillment of chubby checker's prophecy in limbo rock:

how low can you go?

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