Wednesday, April 6, 2011

libyan usurpers blame NATO for their woes

according to our pals at bloomberg, NATO is taking flak from the libyan "rebels" for not doing enough to help them:
"Libyan rebels retreated under heavy fire from the central oil port of Brega, prompting their top commander to lash out at NATO for not doing enough to stop artillery attacks by Muammar Qaddafi’s forces."
i thought this whole business was supposed to be humanitarian in nature: to prevent momo gadhafi from being brutal to his people. now it appears that the white hats are not only supposed to help the poor, suffering people, but to secure victory for these new pretenders to the libyan throne.

this, of course, just amplifies the entire cynical nature of this mission. undertaken at the behest of france, the UK and US primarily, it was blessed by the UN's amen chorus of humanitarian interveners, as per the standard script for this kind of thing.

once the bombs started falling, however, the true nature of the endeavor has proved to be a completely different animal.

it quickly became the unofficial-but-primary goal to oust gadhafi -- who just months ago was a preferred dictator in the panoply of players in the global banking syndicate's sandbox. it's was a short-lived affair, however, after gadhafi made ill-timed noises about nationalization of oil resources -- a definite no-no in the status quo arrangement where all wealth flows uphill to the oligarchs.

we have found soon enough just how rotten this whole game has become, learning, for example, that the rebels' "leader" was scant weeks ago living in northern virginia close to CIA campus. now, he's the voice of libya's oppressed masses.

these "rebels" then added to their homegrown bonafides by establishing their own central bank, and making deals to export "their" oil to other parties in exchange for cash. not sure how this jibes with the international banking syndicate's role in the pyramid of all wealth flowing uphill into their coffers -- unless, of course, the fix is already in. are they so cynical? yes, they are!

anyway, this finds us back to the present occasion, where these indigenous fighters on behalf of libya's downtrodden masses, blaming the sole source of whatever success they've enjoyed up until now, for their lack of battlefield victory. lacking in popular support, they now expect the western powers to come in, eliminate gadhafi and hand the country over to them. this will live long in the annals of the popular revolution!

just add NATO and osculate. presto, you are now the revolutionary hero of comic book fame!

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