Friday, April 15, 2011

Arizona passes "birther" rectal flare

what a shock! the racist GOP in arizona has added to its ignominious record of offensive and pointless legislation a new "birther" bill aimed squarely at barbar obama -- and yet this cabal of cowardly bastards doesn't even have the balls to admit it!

among the many flaws of the tea-bag maggots and their quisling enablers in the political establishment, there is one trespass against common sense and decency that surpasses all others: they refuse to openly acknowledge their own deep-seated beliefs -- diving into deep and convoluted explanations about how they only seem to be racists and bigots, and are in reality big-hearted and open-minded.

from the squadron of the squalid and horde of whore-mongers, courtesy of the BBC:
"The Arizona legislature has passed a bill requiring presidential candidates to submit birth certificates in order to get on the state's election ballot.
Republican Governor Jan Brewer can opt whether to sign the bill into law.
A lingering 'birther' conspiracy theory asserts US President Barack Obama was not born in the US and is thus ineligible to hold the office.
The bill's Republican backers insist it is not aimed at Mr Obama. Arizona is the first to state to pass such a law.
The US constitution requires the president be a 'natural born citizen', a clause widely interpreted to mean born in the US or in some cases to US citizens abroad.
Mr Obama has released a birth certificate showing he was born in the US state of Hawaii, where officials vouch for its authenticity.
But the 'birthers' claim Mr Obama was born in Kenya, his father's place of birth, or perhaps in Indonesia, where he spent several years as a child."
despite their protestations -- or perhaps because of them -- the obvious target of the birthers and of this bill is obama, since never before has a person of his complexion won election to said office, nor has the nationality of said winners ever been called into question -- until now.

i might at this point refer to a quote mr. obama made about his GOP republican negotiating partners in a different context: do they think we're stupid?

no one in 1961 could have realistically foreseen the election of this little baby, born in a honolulu hospital, to the US presidency. hence, no one had any motive to manipulate or doctor the official record to obscure or obfuscate events that took place at the time. to suggest otherwise is to demonstrate a loss of contact with what we loosely refer to as "reality."

if you have a problem with a black man as president, the most efficient way of dealing with it is to just get over it. obama's presidency is a fact, whatever you think of it or the man, he's there and he'll always be remenbered as the 44th president of the US.

that the "birther" cause has been taken up by donald trump in no way legitimizes it; indeed, it may do more to expose it for the charade that it is -- we know trump is a shameless publicity seeker, and his gambit to embrace the birthers was little more than cynical, cheap marketing.

he was, it pains one to acknowledge, quite successful at gaining the attention of the yahoo fringe of US politics -- but that is neither difficult nor commendable, as trump has proved. he's merely hooked into the mainline feeding drivel into the consciousness of reality-deniers and airhead refuse-niks of common sense.

one needn't embrace obama, or even support him, to recognize the birther line as the drivel it is. these people may feel the visceral need to delegitimize obama, but lack the intellectual hardware to do so -- or else trust others to do the heavy lifting when it comes to constructing a reality they can buy into. it's common enough to "leave the driving to us" in the US, and even more common to exchange "driving" with "thinking" to arrive at the destination where the misguided storm-troopers of arizona find themselves today.

arizona -- whether it be its festive hatred of minority immigrants or its passionate embrace of guns in the spirit of jared lee loughner -- is a frightening way station on the road to tomorrow. it's a destination of seething resentments and hatred of dark-skinned scapegoats, wherein the shriveling white power structure finds itself frantically fending off an inevitable swelling human tide from elsewhere.

the clowns in the arizona legislature are seeding the clouds of intolerance and reaction, precipitating for those who refuse to go with the flow of history a great, doomed civil insurrection -- the apocalyptic last stand of the sovereign citizens and oath keepers, as they retreat to a fantastic alamo of busted expectations.

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