Friday, April 15, 2011

obama has a partisan orbasm

as the 2012 presidential campaign gets underway in earnest, we finally see president obama getting that fire in the belly about something -- his job. at least for public consumption, it's no more mister obambi as the gloves come off and we are treated to a feisty barack the bomber.

thinking he was off-mike (at least, that's the storyline), mister fisticuffs himself came out swinging as he recounted his recent budget negotiations with the GOPpers:
"I said (to Republicans), 'You want to repeal health care? Go at it,' " Obama told backers in a private meeting with an open microphone.
" 'We'll have that debate. You're not going to be able to do that by nickel-and-diming me in the budget.' "
He said he added: "You think we're stupid?"
and there it was. in one simple anecdote the prez comes out swinging like a prizefighter, and putting those nasty republicans in their place with the greatest of ease.

the more likely story is that he handed johnny boner the KY jelly as he bent over, inviting the entire freshman class of tea-party house members to join in a line. when it comes to negotiating with his political opponents, no one seems to do it with quite the same gracefulness and elan as this simpering, suck-ass appeaser.

i don't think obama is stupid -- not for a minute. but i don't know about the "we" he refers to: the millions of people who supported obama in 2008 and found him to be a perfectly compliant, two-faced sellout to the  owners of the US. they were pretty damn dumb to be taken in by this smooth-talking corporate pitchman, who from day one in the oval office has shown perfect fealty to the ruling class.

if he now wants to fire partisan zingers at his political "opponents" for the benefit of the TV cameras, we're pretty much used to watching him fold in supine, post-partisan acquiescence once he's behind closed doors and the real deals are going down.

it's perfectly obvious, after almost two years of this act, what to expect from barry butt-munch. he's a fighter, all right, but only when it's his own ass is on the line. get used to seeing him run flat-out against the GOP for the sake of the office. just don't expect anything resembling enthusiasm or commitment when it comes to ordinary working people.

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