Friday, April 15, 2011

west plans new attacks on libya

having squandered untold $billions in its bombing campaign against the regime in libya, "the french" are beseeching the world community for yet more support for the "humanitarian" effort on  behalf of the rebel forces struggling against col. gadhafi's government.

after such an exhausting, blustery and overwrought sentence, one feels like sitting down for a moment to rest.

relax. take it easy... this whole business in libya is like that. it tears you down as one wends through all the hysteria and hyperbole accompanying the white race's latest crusade to save the brown-skinned, uncivilized tribes of resource-rich areas in north africa and the arab world from themselves -- for the betterment of the civilized world of corporate profits.

the gang has failed up til now to dislodge the enemy with bombs and drone-fare by hellfire missile. the reason, as they now put it forward by a missive by messers sarkozy, cameron and obama, is that they have not been explicitly authorized by the UN resolution to decapitate the current regime. in other words, "we wanna knock off gadhafi -- and we need your help!"

we now travel to the offices of the BBC in london for this update:
"The French defence minister has suggested a new UN Security Council resolution may be needed for Nato allies to achieve their goals in Libya.
Gerard Longuet was speaking after a joint letter by the US, UK and French leaders said there could be no peace while Col Muammar Gaddafi was in power.
The current UN resolution makes no mention of regime change."
if there was up until now any doubts as to the scamtastic nature of operation libya decapitation, let's put our cards on the table now, is the apparent message.

well, not to spoil the party, but who didn't see this from 5,000 miles away? their telegraphed message is about as unobtuse as the pervarications of TEPCO over its fuckushima-all-over-the-place have been in japanland.

we need a new flag to represent our side: "don't kid with me!"

the only things the least bit opaque about the libya campaign is the nature of this usurpation. in short, why are they doing this to gadhafi, and why are they doing it now?

the rebels' affinity for playing the international bankster charade shows the way, and if you said "follow the money," you are far ahead of the pack on this steeplechase, brothers and sisters... how can the current world order tolerate deviants who suggest nationalizing oil fields, or selling oil in some currency besides dollars? is there a problem, as was suggested in a report from zero hedge yesterday, that gadhafi's state is one of the few whose national bank is not tied in to the BIS -- the central bank of central banks?

humanitarian interventions are just grand as public justification for imperial aggression, but making war is not something that world powers do on the spur of the moment, or without proper forethought and preparations: what else to make of reports that the US military leased facilities five months ago for staging an invasion? the rebels with their central bank are fighting the good fight for freedom and democracy -- or else they're not. but if not, who gives a fleeing fart, so long as it puts the nation in play for the sovereign corporate states of Oceania to run a takeover gambit?

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