Monday, January 2, 2012

Hijacked by Russian gangsters

Ever wonder why this blog runneth over with new posts for a while, only to turn bone dry almost without warning?

It's not that I've lost the fire, it's because of the spammers in Russia who fraudulently rack up page views in a way that totally skews the numbers.

Frankly, I have no use for a lot of web traffic. In fact, I would rather have no views at all than bogus ones. When I see the world map in the Blogger Stats tab showing all page views coming from a part of the world where no one is reading -- but instead is promoting spam and spasms of shit -- I simply lose interest.

I'm waiting for them to vacate, and hope that comes about by not adding content. But if this strategy fails, I may be forced to move my ramblings to a new location, even more obscure and invisible.

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