Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The biggest threat to the US

For public consumption via the corporate media circus, we have worthies such as Jim Clapper, the director of mis-named national "intelligence," give the following assessment of the so-called "threats" the the US:
The Associated Press: Al-Qaida in decline, but threats to US multiply: "WASHINGTON (AP) — Al-Qaida is in decline around the world but is still a leading threat to the United States, joined by others like Iran, the top U.S. intelligence official said Tuesday in an annual report to Congress on threats facing America.
Iran's leaders seem prepared to attack U.S. interests overseas, particularly if they feel threatened by possible U.S. action, Director of National Intelligence Jim Clapper told the Senate Intelligence Committee."
Unfortunately for a continuously gulled US public, heads swimming in a sea of consumerist choices and the peccadilloes of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, they will never see the threat right before their faces.

The biggest threat to the US is the US government. Iran and Al-Qaida can't old a candle to the plutocrats and oligarchs that have seized control of the government in order to have it serve their aims and agendas.

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