Thursday, January 19, 2012

They say Gingrich may be ahead in SC

USA Today, which is the USA's corporate hometown paper, says that Newter Gingrich may be ahead in the primary race in South Carolina:
Gingrich may be surging in South Carolina: "Newt Gingrich seems to be surging in South Carolina -- the question is how much, and whether it will be enough to overtake Mitt Romney before Saturday's primary.

Drawing large crowds, and challenging Romney's conservative credentials, Gingrich's campaign is now touting a poll showing him actually ahead in the Palmetto State."
The again, maybe he's not.

Either way, according to the corporate press, you are obliged to care about it, because in their calculus, it's important!

It's important enough that you should click on the link to express yourself as someone who cares -- like you have skin in the game.

Of course, no one does, except those who are bankrolling the Super PACs of shit that have defined the political landscape since the Supreme Farce of Citizens United.

May the most lavishly financed candidate win!

Finally, while we don't know if Gingrich is ahead in SC, we know he's a dick head no matter where you go.

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