Friday, January 13, 2012

US Marines piss on everything sacred

It isn't just the bodies of their Afghan adversaries that US Marines are pissing on -- it's civilized values as a whole.
US Marines Soul Searching After 'Urinating' Video - ABC News: "The U.S. Marine Corps is launching an internal investigation into the culture of the Corps in response to a video that purportedly shows troops urinating on the corpses of suspected Taliban fighters, a Marine official told ABC News today.

The probe will attempt to answer the question "What happened in the Marine Corps that this happened?" according to the official.

"It'll be a holistic look at everything surrounding this issue," he said."
And if you believe that bullshit, they'll piss on you, too!

Fact is, what these guys did is emblematic of what the US does to the rest of the world. There are chumps who take it and smile, because they're on the gravy train, but it really is nothing but a mockery of what the US so assiduously promotes as human rights and rule of law.

The US fighting man (and woman, for that matter) is typically a beast and a barbarian; an ignorant lout who does what he's told for his 40 pieces of silver. Honor went out of the game a long time ago, and now it's all about intimidation and brute force, to take what the US government and the oligarchy for which it stands wants, and fuck the rest.

What happened to the Marine Corps is what happened to the US generally: it was corrupted by easy money that comes from shaking down the weak and defenseless. Oldest game in town.

Not even Attila the Hun did it better than this band of hired killers.

Once the government has finally played out its hand, and is destitute and desperate, what the US will be left with is gangs of armed thugs like these marauding across the countryside, raping and pillaging -- because that'll be all that's left for them.

You shouldn't be looking forward to that day, when it comes. And it will.

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