Thursday, January 26, 2012

Screaming Buttmonkeys of the Pentagon budget

What a relief: the US government is going to cut its military expenditures:
Pentagon: Fewer Soldiers, More Drones Will Save Money - ABC News: "Defense Secretary Leon Panetta detailed today how the Obama administration plans to achieve $487 billion in cuts over the next decade, in part by reducing the number of ships, planes and troops, but continuing to fund elite special forces -- and support technologies like unmanned drones."
What a heartening development: Instead of an army of deranged psychopaths assassinating foreign enemies, the US government will attempt to replace them with Robot Assassins, who kill by remote control, at great distance -- turning mass killing into a demented form of entertainment.

An army of listless, bored youths can be enlisted to sit on their couches in suburban America and blow away the families of the brown-skinned inhabitants of lands rich in resources the USA covets.

Less overhead, and some of these youths are obsessed with their virtual world, and spend endless hours working their joysticks for a cheap thrill.

This is the great payoff for the investment the US government made in developing the internet: a virtual tool for the waging of war for fun.

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