Friday, January 6, 2012

Israel wages false flag cyber terror attack

When Israel is concerned about being attacked by some one or some thing, you can be assured that it is the one doing the attacking, preemptively and presumptuously. From the authors of Stuxnet come these accusations about so-called "Saudi hackers":
Israel concerned may be under cyber attack | Reuters: "JERUSALEM, Jan 6 (Reuters) - Israeli officials said on Friday they were concerned the country may be under cyber attack after a wave of credit card code thefts in the past week by a hacker who claims to be operating out of Saudi Arabia.

Credit card company officials said 14,000 numbers had been posted on line on Tuesday and another 11,000 on Thursday. However, they said some of the codes had expired and that the active cards were all being cancelled.

The hacker has identified himself as OxOmar and says he is part of a Saudi Arabian hacker team. In a post on Thursday he said he had leaked information about more than 400,000 Israelis and said the "Jewish lobby" was hiding the scale of the attack."
Any attack that may be taking place is beyond the capabilities of the most-hapless Arabs, who are adept and blowing themselves and others up, and murdering people for "disrespect," but their usual MO does not include cyber crime. Sorry, but that sounds more like an internal problem for the Israelis do deal with.

It is, however, a good ruse to elicit sympathy for the worlds greatest victims. Nothing that happens to Israeli or Israelis is ever provoked -- they are merely innocent bystanders.

Tell that to the Iraqis, or the Lebanese, or most of all, the Palestinians -- who don't even exist, according to the best Israeli authorities.

In any case, stealing some credit-card numbers doesn't exactly rank up there with industrial sabotage, or wanton attacks against public infrastructure with the intention of causing maximum civilian casualties.

Let's try to keep these things in perspective...

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