Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Self-serving protests by internet giants

Now that TPTB have the internet in its crosshairs, now we've got some of the giants of the industry rising in protest:
Google Plans Home Page Protest Against U.S. Piracy Measures - Businessweek: "Jan. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Google Inc. will place a link on its home page tomorrow highlighting its opposition to anti-piracy measures in U.S. Congress, joining a demonstration by other Internet companies against the Hollywood-backed legislation.

Google, owner of the world’s most popular search engine, and Facebook Inc. are among companies opposing House and Senate bills they say they will hurt the growth of the U.S. technology industry. Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia where users contribute entries, said it will shut the English version of its website for 24 hours tomorrow to protest the measures."
One question: Where were they when NDAA was being debated, and our rights were being eviscerated? Where were these supposed-media companies when the government was tearing Wikileaks out the frame, and trying to send Assange to Guantanamo?

Even so this blog appears courtesy of Google's Blogger, no one should presume that the corporation cares a whit about its customers and the values of good citizenship. This is all about using their muscle and financial clout to protect their financial interests -- rather than standing up against the power of a government run amok.

If not these economic giants, then who?

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