Friday, January 20, 2012

Letting the air out of Romney inflates Gingrich's gas-bag

It's almost as if Mitt Romney is suffering a bout of ED, while Newter Gingrich gets a dose of priapism:
Gingrich camp: Romney in 'panic' mode as poll suggests collapse - "Two new polls out on Friday suggest trouble for Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney.

Gallup’s tracking poll shows Romney’s lead nationally – which was 23 percentage points last week – has fallen considerably. He still leads the pack of Republican contenders – which is now considerably smaller after the departure of Jon Huntsman and Rick Perry this week – but by just 10 percentage points.

Romney has 30% support, followed by Newt Gingrich with 20% and Ron Paul and Rick Santorum, who are tied at 13%

“Clearly things are collapsing,” Gallup political director Frank Newport said in an appearance on MSNBC earlier today."
Give the Newter credit for turning his moral turpitude into an asset during the latest debate. He was all over John King's question about his wayfaring wanger, knocking it out of the park and down the throat of the hapless moderator. Hey, in any comedic routine, somebody's got to play the fall guy.

Clearly, being an adulterer is no handicap to the white, southern GOP voter. Most of 'em have been forgiven by Jesus for their sins -- probably a number of times -- so there's no point in knocking a fellow traveler down the road to moral failure.

Are we to infer that Romney's not sufficiently born again, and hence not eligible for redemption in the express lane down at the Winn-Dixie?

It was recently noted in a news report that he's been married to his wife since 1969 -- but perhaps she's not as averse to "open marriage" as Newter's ex, or maybe he's just a true-blue Mormon, and just doesn't swing that way.

In any case, it looks bad for -- of all people -- Ron Paul, who could've used a breakthrough moment right about now. He's at least consistent about that freedom thing, so he's not going to be dogging out Newter of his sexual predilections.

Unfortunately, that's not going to win him any votes, either, from a TV audience that likes bombastic shows of hypocrisy, like the one by a former house speaker who persecuted a sitting president for a blow job, while he himself actually had sex with that other woman.

Issues are boring. Character questions are old hat. What the folks at home want to see is red meat, preferably still dripping blood, from their politicians -- all that pent-up hostility and rage given voice by cheap, snake-oil salesmen in seersucker suits, so that everyone gets a big old orgasmic release at the end of the show.

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