Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Obama Ready to nuke Iran

Why is this a surprise to anyone?
Obama Ready to Strike to Stop Nuclear Iran, Former Adviser Says - Businessweek: "Jan. 10 (Bloomberg) -- No one should doubt that President Barack Obama is prepared to use military force to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon if sanctions and diplomacy fail, the president’s former special assistant on Iran said.

Obama has “made it very clear” that he regards a nuclear- armed Iran as so great a threat to international security that “the Iranians should never think that there’s a reluctance to use the force” to stop them, Dennis Ross, who served two years on Obama’s National Security Council and a year as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s special adviser on Iran, said in an interview yesterday."
Obama is a tool and a flunky of the resource-extraction industry, the Israel-firsters and the central-banking oligarchy.

If they want to start a shooting war with Iran, then Obama will gladly oblige.

It will have nothing to do with Iranian nukes, of course. An Iranian nuke simply complicates the basic mission, which is to seize Iran's energy resources for the exclusive exploitation by Western corporate interests.

Israel will smilingly accept the elimination of a threat to its own territorial ambitions, but is in no way menaced by any weapon Iran possesses. Israel is perfectly capable of wiping Iran off the map at any time.

Sanctions and diplomacy? The powers have already been waging war on Iran in everything but name. The provocations come hot and heavy these days, and Zionist stooges like Dennis Ross serve as useful idiots in the march of a global bankster empire spreading its tentacles across the energy heartlands of the planet.

Obama is the marionette who dances when the piper calls the tune.

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