Friday, December 30, 2011

#1 state sponsor of terror goes for the gold

Here's the story of how some self-described "civil rights organization" in Israel is combating civil rights -- particularly free speech -- in the guise of fighting the "terrorists."

The Shurat HaDin Israel Law Center has petitioned Twitter to remove an account belonging to Hezbollah's media channel, al-Manar, arguing that the US has declared Hezbollah a terrorist organization. Here's CNN's characterization:
Twitter lawsuit threatened over alleged Hezbollah aid - "The Shurat HaDin Israel Law Center describes itself as a civil rights organization dedicated to "combating the terrorist organizations and the regimes that support them through lawsuits litigated in courtrooms around the world." It supported a similar campaign earlier this year directed at social media giant Facebook.
Among other things, the center succeeded in getting Facebook to pull down a page created by Palestinian activists calling for a "Third Intifada" against Israel."
They say the winner writes the history books, and in the current era the owners write the mainstream narrative that ceaselessly broadcast on TV, the internet and the press. Currently, Israeli and US policy is hopelessly entangled, so that one's interest is made to be indistinguishable from the other's. Of course, no one else's opinion is given any credence whatsoever.

One could argue that this is simply propaganda on the part of the government and it's corporate paymasters. And that would be more or less correct -- there isn't much subtlety about it. So long as Israel and the US say Hezbollah is a terrorist organization, instead of the legitimate representative of the aspirations of a majority of the people of Lebanon, it will be considered a terrorist organization and no dissent will be permitted.

What's so bad is that these social media sites like Twitter and Facebook get a lot of credit for being instrumental in movements to bring about political change in some countries in the Mideast and north Africa. While there may be some validity to that in as far as it goes, when it comes to the US and its satellites in the banker oligarchy orbit, such possibilities are proactively forbidden.

We will have dictated by the powers that be powerful disincentives for any dissent or discussion about the political orthodoxies that so pollute the discourse in much of the enlightened western world. It's almost as though the Enlightenment has been rescinded by decree.

In its place, we are allotted our daily dosage of mindless diversion, and the endless repetition of the one true narrative about how the world works.

There will be no talking during the feature presentation.

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