Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Warmongers get hard dicks over Iran attack rumors

In another world, in another time, the talk about Israel and the US launching an unprovoked act of war against Iran would be seen as the war crime it would be. Just like the top Nazis before them, the instigators of these ultimate crimes against the peace and against humanity should be met with the sternest punishments in an international court of justice. Instead, we get this putrid, outright cheerleading for war by the corporate media in advance of the coming attacks:
Reports stoke speculation about attack on Iran nukes: Reports in Israeli and British newspapers are heightening speculation about whether Israel and the United States are planning for a possible attack on Iran's nuclear facilities.

Citing a senior Israeli official, Haaretz writes that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak are "trying to muster a majority in the cabinet in favor of military action." They recently persuaded Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman to back such action, a reversal of his position.

Following up, the Associated Press has a similar report, noting it comes as Israel announced it had tested a long-range missile that would be capable of reaching Iran. But AP adds that it "remained unclear whether Israel was genuinely poised to strike or if it was saber-rattling to prod the international community into taking a tougher line on Iran."
The winners sent Milosevic to the Hague, and they also would've sent Gaddafi if their henchmen hadn't lynched him first. We're fed a steady diet of self-serving invective about Syria's Assad and his crimes against his people, and how he deserves punishment for his transgressions.

It seems like there's always a villain and a monster in human guise who's being presented as worthy of punishment or destruction, when in the balance their crimes may be substantial but are but dim reflections of the mass-murdering, genocidal maniacs who rule over the prosperous, "advanced" societies of the West. In comparison to the media-contrived enemies of manufactured opinion, our monsters far outclass their beasts in pure manifestation of pure EVIL, but it nevertheless never seems to rate a few moments of airtime for a comparison of the relative moral depravity of the pot and the kettle, respectively.

The leaders of Israel, by any civilized standard, are war criminals and rank barbarians. The leaders of the US -- both the leaders held up to the glare of a compliant press, but also the behind-the-scenes impresarios of mass murder -- deserve no less the public repudiation of their alleged morality as did the Nazis and leaders of Imperial Japan. We should look down on them with equal disdain as any civilized person would view Stalin, or Idi Amin, or any of the garden-variety misanthropes of our times who've led the slaughter of millions of innocents.

This presumptive war with Iran is for a manufactured pretext that, were the incipient aggressors held to the same standard vis a vis nuclear weapons, should be inviting the rest of the world to attack them before they commit more crimes. Because their power is overwhelming, no one dares challenge their provocations; indeed, the nations of the world are so cowed and cowardly that they dare not speak out. This includes nations like China, Russia, India and Brazil, which aspire to positions of leadership in a genuinely new world order.

This current order is completely and irredeemably corrupt, and needs to be dealt with with unambiguous, explicit condemnation from all quarters. These powers must eventually be eliminated, for the sake of humanity in general. They represent extremely narrow and provincial interests, mostly based on the exploitation of nations and their resources, and without any regard for humanity -- so long as their own stinky asses are receiving the profits and the benefits.

An attack on Iran is at it's heart a geopolitical gambit to wrest control of the petroleum resources from rivals of multinational corporations that operate out of the US and Europe. Israel goes along for the sake of territorial aggrandizement, as well as a piece of the action. Mostly, by enveloping the Persian oil, the US cobra wraps the Mideast in its deadly embrace, denying access to its rivals in Beijing.

As assiduously and diligently as China has been courting the developing world and particularly its energy-rich states, this has got to be a galling development for the Chinese Communist Party, Inc., and yet the world's largest manufacturer is still in no position to alienate its most insatiable market, and so must swallow its pride and watch helplessly as Washington smashes the carefully arranged order it strives to build for the future. There's nothing for them to do but wait, wait until the order that the West has created races to its inevitable collapse.

While war in Iran may have immediate benefits for the Obama administration and convince the Israelis of their own invincibility, this is all a narcotic pipe dream, as the tremendous sums required to police an increasingly restive and impatient world wears down the machine that must be relentlessly fed else it disintegrate and implode. The new world order was never a viable business plan, and this coming expansion of the empire promises to strain the groaning beast past its breaking point.

The victory, in short, will be swift and shallow. Winning will be more costly than never having fought at all, and this will have to content those of use who oppose this malodorous and malignant plan to further enslave the world's people. The simple consequence of biting off more than the monster can chew will someday prove to be the silver bullet that slew the warewolf preying on the planet and is people.

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