Thursday, November 17, 2011

Climate change deniers in the crosshairs

If FOX news could get away with it, they'd be suggesting that the OWS people are somehow carrying out a vendetta against climate-change deniers by unleashing these extreme weather events on the good people of the US southland:
The Associated Press: 6 dead as storms, possible tornadoes hit Southeast: "ROCK HILL, S.C. (AP) — At least six people have been killed and dozens more injured as a storm system that spawned several possible tornadoes moved across the Southeast.
Suspected tornadoes were reported Wednesday in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and South Carolina. Dozens of homes and buildings were damaged and thousands of people were without power as trees and power lines were downed.
In South Carolina, three people were killed and five injured when a likely tornado swept through a rural community near Rock Hill, about 20 miles south of Charlotte, N.C. In north Georgia, a man was killed when a tree fell on his sport utility vehicle. Authorities also said an adult and child were killed in central North Carolina."
No matter how bad it gets, the profit-seeking exploiters of nature will never be tagged with responsibility for the damage their predatory kind of capitalism creates. Instead, it'll be imputed to greedy scientists in search of federal grant money -- never mind that guys like the Koch brothers spend billions of dollars funding a propaganda machine to create that and other convenient fictions to misdirect attention from their activities.

Here in the southland, you have a lot of bible-thumping, rock-ribbed Republicans who are reliable voters for the emissaries of their own destruction. They're so gullible that the guys who savage the environment get a pass, and instead it's "god" who wills these terrible events in some inscrutable way.

That's how someone like Rick Perry can be taken seriously when he announces that he'll pray for the divine to intervene and grant his supplicants mercy. And exactly like the clown who said the rapture was imminent, and when proven wrong simply said he'd gotten the date wrong, the true believers think that it doesn't matter what happens here on earth, since they'll all be in heaven when things get really bad anyway.

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