Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kim Kardashian is a big, fake 'ho

Now's time to play a little defense for Kim Kardashian, after her spectacular marital implosion. She responds to suspicions of most of the conscious public that she's a shameless gold digger with a very weak and telling defense:
Kim Kardashian PISSED Over 'Sham Marriage' Stories | TMZ.com: "Kim Kardashian is telling her friends ... her marriage to Kris Humphries was true love, and she's extremely angry at reports that the wedding was one big sham.

Kim is telling people very close to her ... the marriage was "100% real," adding they loved each other very much.

Kim is saying they cultivated their relationship for a year -- it wasn't an overnight thing. She says when they got engaged ... she truly believed the marriage was "forever."

As for the 72 days ... Kim is explaining it this way: "Sometimes marriages end ... rapidly. Just because it's short doesn't mean it's fake."
"Just because it's short doesn't mean it's fake," sweetie, but it sure does help make the case. After all, she's taking the money and it's back to that relentless self-promotion that's such a staple of the Kardashian racket.

The only real question is not what Kimmy baby thinks, but what these dunderheads that go gaga over her every ass-jiggling, cheap spectacle she puts on in front of the media. This is a scummy symbiotic business where her pimp is the press that does the pandering, while the slutty star of the show gets fat paydays for spectacular lapses of taste and class.

Just another dumb 'ho. I hope this Humphries dude has learned the difference between silicone and substance.

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