Friday, November 4, 2011

Leave my poor blog alone!

Unlike the rest of the world, I am unconcerned about driving traffic to my blog. I have virtually no readers, and have never made any attempt to interest readers in visiting. I simply enjoy the exercise of writing it, and the discipline required to keep posting.

If someone finds it through a web search or referral from some other site, that's okay, too. I'm just not actively soliciting visitors.

I do, however, get a bit of a kind out of the "stats" function in Blogger, where I can see where the few visitors came from, and what the referring site was. I admit, it sounds a bit self-contradictory to be interested in the statistics while not making any attempt at self promotion, but maybe that reveals something about how my mind works (such as it does...).

All this is a tedious lead-in to my point, which is traffic which originates from various sites selling blog-promotion or web-optimization or other web-based services. While this blog might on an average day generate two or three apparently genuine hits, it could register as many as 20 for some of these crap vendors.

For a while, the biggest offender was, which seemed to be an aspiring "pirate bay"-type operation. Today, it's some other shit-pumper that has a software application that supposedly can help people make lots of money blogging.

I know how it is: everybody wants to get rich. In light of the fact that the world economic system is in really, really precarious condition, and people are more likely to become poorer rather than rich in the days ahead, this leaves me sad for them -- and for all the other strivers who think that they've played the game and deserve cash back for all their sacrifices.

Tough luck, bitches. We're all fools, and everyone who thinks that more possessions are the key to happiness will be hurting a lot worse than the ones who've learned to live on as little as possible. They're the only winners in this game.

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