Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tell us how you feel...

It's hard to believe that this has attained "critical mass" enough to be propelled to the top headline in the Google news machine:
Sarkozy overheard telling Obama that Netanyahu is a liar - CTV News: "PARIS — French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who has laboured to improve French relations with Israel, said he "can't stand" Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and called him a liar in a chat with President Barack Obama."
Tell us how you feel, dude!

By all accounts, and if you take a broad view of his activities, it's pretty clear the Netanyahu is a jackass. If he were just another asshole, no biggie, but being in command of the world's 3rd largest nuclear arsenal, even a dickhead has a certain amount of gravitas.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, and we are in on the secret, what to make of the new news that Sarkozy doesn't like the Nyetenyahoo? Or for that matter, the Obama rejoinder that he has to deal with the man every day?

Our thin-skinned counterparts in the Israel amen chorus will take it as a sign of disaffection with the state of Israel, rather than simply a knock against their belligerent and noxious leader. What the Israeli electorate sees in the guy, the admiration sure isn't shared by a large swath of the world's other "leaders" (or shall we say, their butt boys?). The Israeli state is pretty much a given. Whoever wants to wish that someday it will go away, as many nations have gone away before it, is not necessarily making a direct threat. No one loves everybody, but we somehow usually manage to get along without resorting to murder.

It actually would be healthy to learn more of the true feelings behind the diplomatic niceties that are lavished upon regimes that can't stand one another. People deserve to know what the real deal is, instead of the pleasantries that are endless peddled in the corporate propaganda machine.

This is why the Wikileaks phenomenon was so fascinating and promising in its time. It has pretty much been suffocated by relentless systemic pressure, but for a while there, many of the closely held, frank discussions regarding the machinations of the cat with the mice was seen in a broadly unfiltered way. There were no deep, dark secrets revealed, just the daily grind of diplomatic trickery and counter-trickery that is the currency of diplomatic cartels.

A fresh blast of oxygen has now been replaced by the stale old farts of conventional communications, but we still like the occasional expression of how our "leaders" "really feel about one another. It hardly humanizes them, since their character traits are all too common to be truly shocking or astounding. We enjoy the illusion that we're such an advanced civilization guided by rational and scientific principles, when the fact is we'd be clubbing one another with zest with dinosaur bones in the Garden of Eden, if only to get first dibs on the apple.

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