Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Corrupt and hypocritical, and proud of it

The Israelis are so concerned about Iran and its nuclear research, because they want to be the only nuclear kid on the block. It's unthinkable to the regime that any other power could arm itself in such a way as to negate the Israeli nuclear blackmail arsenal. And that's what it is: a means to intimidate anyone who dares oppose the Israeli's expansionist agenda.

And so the experts debate what to do about "it".
Analysis: Israelis doubt world will stop Iran's nuclear quest | Reuters: "Giora Eiland, a former Israeli general and national security adviser, said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government had "a year, maybe two" to decide, given Iran's nuclear progress.

"And if you don't make a decision, you make a decision" to leave Iran to its course, Eiland said. "Two terrible choices. I believe the international community will fail to reach a solution on the Iranian case, so such a dilemma will be real."

For now, those seeking to hobble, if not halt, Iran may have to make do with covert attacks such as cyberwarfare or sabotage.

"Will these things be accorded new legitimacy in light of the difficulty of nuclear diplomacy through negotiations?" said INSS arms control expert Emily Landau."
While giving the perfunctory nod to negotiation, everyone knows the Israeli preference for settling disagreements through the most violent, extreme methods. This is standard operating procedure for a state that sees itself as a beacon of liberal western values in a sea of backwards, Islamist extremists.

The facts on the ground tell a different story, however. They tell the tale of a powermad, aggressive, expansionist and warlike empire, in a dirty fight with all its neighbors to secure all the best lands and resources. There's nothing good or noble about the Israeli modus operandi, nor its agenda for expansion and domination over the region. Why should anyone defer, much less lend support, to such a corrupt and degenerate state?

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