Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Iranian nuclear fantasy

Is this all you got? After all the build up and hoopla about Iran's nuclear program on the verge of a great breakthrough, and how it'll be bristling with atom bombs by breakfast tomorrow, all we get is a big fart and no shit:
Iran may be researching nuclear warhead, claims watchdog | World news | The Guardian: "The UN's nuclear watchdog on Tuesday expressed "serious concerns" that Iran had been carrying out research work on the construction of a nuclear warhead, and said the effort could still be underway.

In its report on Iran's nuclear programme, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said it had accumulated more than 1,000 pages of documentation that had let it to believe that suspected nuclear weapons work was done under a "structured programme" up to 2003, and that "some may still be ongoing"."
The Israelis and their puppet in Washington are chomping at the bit, looking for the barest pretext to launch a full-scale attack against the Iranian nuclear program, when all the smoking gun turns out to be is more like a puff of cigar smoke instead of a mushroom cloud.

Iran MAY be researching a nuclear bomb? Since when the FUCK have they been required to hide their heads in the sand, while the US and Israel and the Gulf dictatorships surround the Persians with nuclear firepower, as they gradually assume an offensive posture?

Say what you will about the Iranian regime. At one time, a saner Israeli leadership understood that if they simply left well enough alone, the mullahs would fall as a result of their own inertia in the face of a young and restive population. Once the Zionist maniacs took power, however, their methods began to mirror their madness.

Israel's Likud government sees itself as the inheritor of the mantle of manifest destiny by which the European settlers eventually overran the north American continent, exterminating the native population in order to ravage the land and its resources. Since the rest of its neighbors have been bought out or brought under the thumb of Washington, there is but one obstacle to the realization of the Zionist conquest of historic Palestine -- and the way lies through Tehran.

For the US and its corporate oligarchs, the matter is simpler: bring the Iranian oil and gas under control of Western corporate control, and make the economy an appendage of the IMF and international banking cartel. The payoff is so great, and the banks so desperate for additional sources of liquidity in which to float the great debt ponzi we all live under.

Such is the confused panoply of interests that drive the Iranian anti-nuclear crusade, which at its heart is nothing about nukes and everything to do with seizing what Iran has and that others covet.

When the pretext is this flimsy, is there any limit to what the great corporate oligarchs and the interests they represent may contrive to do? Iran is being condemned for a collective thought crime, since there's an absence of any evidence of an prohibited work on a nuclear device.

It's absolutely staggering the depths of depravity that the self-appointed defenders of truth, justice and the American way will stoop to for the advancement of their sleazy agenda.

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