Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Israel to speed up crime spree

Poor Palestine, the international criminal conspiracy is poised to brazenly flout the law by unilaterally annexing more lands for illegal settlements, and seems to be daring the international community to make it stop:
Israel to speed up settlement building in West Bank | Reuters: "(Reuters) - Israel decided Tuesday to accelerate Jewish settlement building and withhold Palestinian Authority funds, moves likely to further hold up international efforts to revive peace talks.

Israel's move came a day after UNESCO awarded the Palestinians full membership of the U.N. cultural agency, a diplomatic victory for the Palestinian Authority in its push for recognition as a state at the United Nations.

Israel called the UNESCO decision a "tragedy" and the United States said it would stop its funding of the organization.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for the accelerated construction of some 2,000 housing units, said an official statement released after he convened his cabinet."
The more desperate and audacious the Israeli regime acts -- with the full support for its puppets in DC -- the less respect and credibility their state has in the eyes of the rest of the world. It's only through the military muscle of the big dog the Israeli tail wags that these kinds of in-your-face defiance are possible, and once the US has spent itself into bankruptcy and irrelevance on the world stage, what will Israel have in the bag to ensure its survival? The threat of unleashing its nuclear arsenal on its neighbors?

It literally will come to that, since there is no reason or rationale to this belligerent and insulting behavior.

Can we feel and remorse or regret for those who feel none for others? When their time is truly up, who will rush to their defense?

We watch with bewilderment and resignation as Netanyahu burns every means of reconciliation with the rest of the world. In the end, will it have been worth it?

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