Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rick Perry speaks to voters who are real stupid

Can anybody believe the lies a politician tells any more? After Barack Obama promised much and delivered only to the guys on Wall Street who bankrolled his campaign, here we have the butt nodule from Texas making a preposterous proposition:

Rick Perry Vows Real Change if Elected - TIME: "(BETTENDORF, Iowa) — Texas Gov. Rick Perry, looking to breathe new life into his bid for the Republican nomination, opened an Iowa campaign swing by warning activists not to settle for a candidate who will just propose incremental change.

"The solution is not to nominate someone who is just going to nibble around the edges," said Perry. "Washington doesn't need a new coat of paint, it needs a complete overhaul.""

Rick Perry sure has the ego for the job. He saw how George W. Bush rode in triumph to DC, and sees in himself a worthy successor. Only he lacks one thing that Dubya: the last name of Bush, and all that implies. This is just another overly ambitious yahoo who thinks that he can ride dumb luck to the leadership of the free world.

Unfortunately, that often is enough in the current configuration of the nation.

The polity is in a mess, and yet we have an electorate that takes self-affirming rhetorical candy corn about the everlasting nature of American goodness and eternal prosperity to heart. While the country is swirling down the toilet of insolvency, defending imperial pretensions more relevant to a previous era, all the candidates for presidency have to offer is preposterous yeowling and chest-thumping bravado from brainless clowns that couldn't think they way out of a wet paper bag.

So blow, Rick, blow. Blow some hot air into your limp campaign for the White House. If they media is taking another look at Newter Gingrich, then certainly once that old crock of shit self destructs, there'll be another opportunity for you to spew glorious corn pone for the lousy voting public in the throes of their discomfort.

Rick will put a new coat of paint, in the shape of a bulls-eye, right on the fat and lazy asses of GOP primary voters who need a good porking to feel they're still conscious.

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