Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What do the Talibans think?

More butt-scratching analysis from the AP, this time parroting NATO's latest propaganda dispatch from the front lines of Afghanistan:
Report Shows Taliban POWs Convinced of Victory - ABC News: "The Taliban believe they will return to power after the U.S.-led coalition ends its combat role in Afghanistan in 2014, NATO officials said Wednesday, based on a classified report on the interrogation of thousands of insurgent prisoners.

The captured Taliban fighters also believed they were receiving support from Pakistan and that they were doing well on the battlefield, the officials said.

But the officials cautioned that the report, compiled shortly after the capture of Taliban fighters, was a summary of those interrogations and not based on an intelligence analysis."
This is a direct appeal to the hubris of the average, red-blooded US male. How can we let these barbarians lick us? Will our sacrifice be in vain?

It's the usual balderdash. NATO is in Afghanistan in the service of corporations who seek to monopolize the flow of natural gas out of the Caspian basin. It has nothing to do with terrorism, but instead who will control Afghanistan: Afghans, or corporations?

It's said that honesty is the best policy, but not when it comes the US foreign policy. When it comes to oligarchical control of resources, the public is propagandized and manipulated into supporting wars fought over other than the stated reasons.

Things are not as they seem. These alleged Taliban prisoners routinely have the correct answers beaten out of them for feeding the voracious maw of the news cycle.

The only correct answer, it seems, is war and more war.

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