Thursday, February 2, 2012

Israel calls the Iranian kettle black

In a lively bit of Zionist propaganda, Reuters has an item on its service where a senior Israeli official says Iran has enough nuclear material to make four atom bombs:
Israel says Iran has material for four A-bombs | Reuters: "(Reuters) - Israel estimated on Thursday that Iran could make four atomic bombs by further enriching uranium it has already stockpiled, and could produce its first within a year of deciding to build one.

But in his rare public remarks, Major-General Aviv Kochavi, chief of military intelligence, held out the possibility stronger international sanctions might dissuade Tehran from pursuing a policy he had no doubt was aimed at developing nuclear weapons, despite Iranian denials."
Nobody bothers to ask how many H-bombs the Israelis have, as well as A-bombs and neutron bombs and other types of nuclear weaponry.

Plus, the mean to deliver them to targets of their choosing, by land, sea or air. Probably space, too.

This is all yet another manifestation of the complete prostitution of the news media to the needs of their overlords in government and industry. The spreading of hypocritical, hysterical claim about boogeymen, while neglecting to mention the even more egregious threats posed by one's own side, is job one of today's corporate media establishment.

We're gearing up for the next big confrontation, a global war of the forces of good against the axis of evil.

Only this time, the good guys are really the villains in a perversion of language that would make George Orwell blush.

Watch as the peace-loving defenders of freedom attack adversaries who possess resources that will, once possessed, be used to enslave others.

It's US, Europe and Israel against the world: a history of repression, exploitation and destruction.

As the BeeGees asked, how can a loser ever win?

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