Saturday, February 11, 2012

Syria in U.N. crosshairs as West gins up war

The so-called horror in Syria is one of the West's creation, with foreign mercenaries brought in to battle the government in an effort to effect regime change in the beleaguered nation. The Saudis and Turkey are two of the predominant agents in this provocative drama, in which the Sunni muslim nations battle against what is, in their view, the Shia threat. This is part of the notion that motivates the Saudis to back action against Iran, as well.

The manipulation of the Western audience, however, is handled with aplomb by people who are skilled and experienced in this sort of thing. Remember the poor, distraught girl at the DC press event in the run-up to the Iraq invasion, with her sorry tale of Iraqi soldiers throwing the babies out of the incubators -- a horrifying image that did much to sway opinion in favor of the attack. It was only much later revealed that this young miss was the Kuwaiti ambassador's daughter, and the story she told was completely false. Still, the deed was done, and the West got its war.

Let's see how this latest PR campaign is being waged, this time with our source, "Omar," talking about saving the little babies:
Horror escalates in Syria as U.N. tries again to reach resolution - ""Today is the seventh day in a row we're under shelling -- nonstop bombardment," an activist named Omar said Saturday. He said government forces have surrounded the area with thousands of soldiers and dozens of tanks: "Not the normal tanks. Big tanks. Russian tanks."
"We just want from Assad to give us permission to move the injured baby -- they are just the babies," said an activist named Omar, referring to President Bashar al-Assad. "They have to leave the area to have a good treatment. ... He don't even let us save and treat our (injured) babies.""
It's always about the babies, and the children. In the US, the police state will justify any outrage against civil rights by using "the children" as its only concern. The US public, since they're constantly jerked by the heartstrings by every conniving shiester and con-artist out there, falls for it every time.

If if necessary, they'll also bring out the kittens and puppies, because people think with other parts of their body besides reason and intellect.

A nation of dupes and suckers is being led into yet another "humanitarian intervention" in which bankers will benefit, and the common folk will die, their country destroyed by humanitarian bombs.

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