Thursday, February 23, 2012

FBI on front lines of Iran warmongering

Not one to get left out of the possible PR bonanza -- not to mention the free-flowing funding sure to follow -- that an attack on Iran would bring to the national-security racket in the US, the FBI is putting on a "classified nationwide conference" to plot strategy for what seems to be an inevitable false-flag attack on the homeland:
U.S. on guard against possible Iran plots - CBS News: "(CBS News) The FBI is pulling out all the stops on Iran. A classified nationwide conference will be held Thursday to share the assessment of the intelligence community that an attack by Iranian agents, or even a surrogate group such as Hezbollah, may be more likely in the event of an Israeli air strike on suspected Iranian nuclear facilities.
The secure video teleconference, led by FBI Assistant Director Ralph Boelter, the Bureau's top counterterrorism official, will be a 90-minute meeting with each of the 56 field offices.

The special agents in-charge of those offices will be polled on what operations they are running covering suspected Iranian agents, Hezbollah investigations and confidential sources that may yield valuable intelligence. They are also being asked to make sure their local police departments are attuned to the threat and focused on suspicious activity around government buildings, Israeli consulates in major cities and prominent Jewish organizations."
It never ceases to amaze how craven and shameless our public servants in law enforcement can be, when it comes time to divide the spoils from these fear-mongering extravaganzas that form to prelude to US wars.

It's bigger than New Year's Eve, the Super Bowl and Xmas rolled into one -- the biggest product rollout you can imagine!

And with it, there's so much money to be made by favored agencies and their most favored contractors, who all struggle to snuggle up to the trough of free-flowing federal largess whenever the government plays the "terrorism" card.

Why leave it all to the salivating defense contractors and the MIC?

The only question is, how many people is the government willing to sacrifice in order to whip up a frenzy against Iran? Fifity, 500, or a medium-sized city?

The suspense is unbearable...

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