Friday, February 10, 2012

If you don't believe there's foreign money in US campaigns...

This headline came to our attention, where the Asphyxiated Press once again rides to the defense of the status quo, and the upstanding moral values that make the US so exceptional. We are to be assured that no foreign money pollutes the political landscape -- because the AP says so:
Foreign donations at risk in super PAC landscape: "Money pouring into the presidential election from super political action committees and nonprofit campaign groups appears so far to be strictly American in origin, donated by U.S. companies, unions and millionaires. But it's easier than ever to conceal the source of money and the identities of contributors, making conditions ripe for illegal donations from foreigners, overseas companies or governments attempting to help a favored candidate for the White House."
What then, is AIPAC? Politicians give obeisance to this myopic promoter of Israeli geostrategic aims. The US Congress bends over before Benjamin Netanyahu in a way not even the US president is esteemed.

If this is not foreign money and foreign influence at work in the US political system, then what is it?

Foreign contributions to US political campaigns have been prohibited since 1966, but that didn't stop a practice that serves the interests of the global oligarchy with its labyrinthine network of multinational corporations.

The way the Federal Reserve funnels money to bail out European banks, and foreigners have, in turn, financial interests in the US financial system, how can anyone honestly posit that there's no commingling of fundage between these entities -- which, after all, know no national borders and have no national allegiances?

The average person in the US is simply looking for reassurance that the masters of the universe are taking care of things, that life will continue more or less as it always has, and that his/her standard of living will remain at its obscenely wasteful and fiscally irresponsible present level.

The soothing narrative provided by the AP and its sister propaganda outlets lets the believers in this fictional world have it both ways: they can continue to be ruled over and exploited by their masters, while benefiting in turn from the predatory spoils of the current regime.

They only fail to grasp that they, themselves, are the ultimate prey upon which the monster they themselves have nurtured will one day feast.

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