Friday, February 24, 2012

UN Atomic Agency in cahoots with West's warmongers

The IAEA is unfortunately a tool of US power nowadays, where its pronouncements are used exclusively to impugn the Iranians while giving a free pass to all other nations. Wasn't, after all, part off the NPT's requirements that the nuclear powers reduce and eventually eliminate their nuclear arsenals? While the IAEA hyperventilates about Iran's activities, what about those 8,500-plus nukes in the US stockpile?

Anyway, as if we didn't already know that the IAEA is working for war, we have the following evidence. Their members anonymously grant exclusive, highly inflammatory interviews with the US warmongering press, making allegations which cannot be independently verified:
UN Atomic Agency: Iran Rapidly Expands Nuke Work - ABC News: "Senior international officials familiar with the talks painted a different picture. One said that during the last talks, which ended Tuesday, the IAEA team gave the Iranians a 15-page document outlining their concerns, and they "went through item and item and said they were false and fabricated."

"Sixty-five paragraphs, 65 'no's," said the official, when asked how the Iranian side responded to each item of concern presented by the agency. He asked for anonymity because his information was privileged."
If, six months from now, it emerges that none of this is as nefarious as is being made out here, how much attention will that receive? Will it be as it was in Iraq in 2003, when all the WMD that were so prodigiously stockpiled by Saddam's regime turn out to have been nothing but a calculated deception to further the cause of war?

When "officials" use supposedly inside information to anonymously build a case for war in the papers, you have to step back and ask yourself, what's the rush? Why is this being broadcast now? What are these guys after, bringing such tales to the newspapers?

The war mongers have their moves perfectly scripted, the PR experts have perfected the art of selling war to a lazy and irresponsible public that ultimately bears the costs.

It's a selling job Satan himself would be envious of.

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