Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Americans are trained monkeys

I love the comments at Zero Hedge more than the posts. Eventually one will come along and bash you over the noggin:
A Better "Halftime In America" Commercial | ZeroHedge: "Americans are trained monkeys. Trained to argue over useless shit like a Clint Eastwood commercial. To attach significance to a commercial when it is simply a commercial. Clint Eastwood did a fine job. The above ad was also a fine job. One was a commercial with a little bit of inspiration brought to you by Chysler; the other a commercial with a different message.

Big fucking deal. One sells cars, the other sells a message.

And, yet... like monkeys chasing a banana - America responds. You are trained. Instead of directing your efforts to the real problems... you monkeys are arguing over a commercial. Ring the bell, Pavlov!"
Dunno who this guy is, or his story, but he sure as hell has got our number...

By the way, check out the thread. It's in response to a video made by Omid Malekan, creator of "the bears" videos... which is on some level a response/reaction to the Clint Eastwood ad during the Stupidbowl.

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