Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's a lovely, dystopian world

As the congress debates whether the US government should be allowed to propagandize its own citizens, this piece from the VOA has the stench of psyops already. The violence in Syria, as deplorable as it is, is in large part fomented by the US and its allies, but when it comes to self-serving palaver, Washington pulls out all the stops to vilify its enemies:

Is Syria’s Bashar al-Assad Guilty of War Crimes?: "The images from Houla in Syria had a sickening familiarity:  bodies wrapped in white shrouds, lined up in a large pit in the center of town while grieving relatives cried and wailed.  In all, a reported 108 people, all victims of last week’s Houla massacre, were being buried, 49 of them children.
The United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights’ representative has said only about 20 of the victims were killed by artillery or mortar fire.  The rest had been shot in what appear to have been  summary executions.  Syria has denied its forces had anything to do with the massacre and says the killings were the work of “terrorists.”
The ditch reminded the world of others it has seen - in Nazi Germany, in the former Yugoslavia, in Cambodia, in Vietnam, in Libya and Iraq. In many cases, the atrocities committed there were ruled war crimes. But is what happened in Houla a war crime?  If it is, how can Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and others be held accountable?
On might just as well inquire as to whether the events during the unpleasantness in Iraq following the US invasion -- particularly in places like Fallujah with its scorched-earth, white-phosphorous christening -- would be considered a war crime as well. And if they were, are the authors of those atrocities and the wrecking of the entire nation guilty of war crimes, too?
Of course, we'll never hear such a verdict in a court of law in this perverted and debased epoch. Iraq was as plainly as one can ever be an example of a "war of aggression," and that's supposedly the supreme international crime. Iraq never threatened the US, but the Bush administration and its neo-con boosters, spared no effort to bring the invasion and ensuing bloodbath to fruition.

If Assad is a war criminal, and if the Liberian Taylor is a war criminal, then were's Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, Rice, Wolfowitz and the rest of that hideous clique?

Well, perhaps it's because that the US is minting more depraved characters in its march of infamy, with the Nobel Laureate president himself now bringing especial distinction upon himself in the morbid circus with the revelation in the New York Times of his personal murder roster. Now, the President of the US is judge, jury and executioner in a most glorious, hi-tech horror, the likes of which the world has never seen!

Whatever the crimes of someone like an Assad, there are different degrees of infamy, and the current crop of defendants in the ICC are but tyros put up against the great mass-murderers of history -- among whom the recent presidents of the US will be enshrined in the pantheon of august turds.

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