Friday, May 4, 2012

FBI: Fighting for their right to wiretap you!

They're already doing it on the sneak tip: the feds are building a billion-dollar nerve center for big brother's umbrella of electronic surveillance of citizens under the rubric of "keeping us safe." It's already known that the government intercepts and plans to warehouse every shred of personal communications by and about people in the US and beyond -- so what's behind the FBI's request for a perpetual unlocked back door to every social media platform or communications device/service? Here's the story:
FBI Wants Backdoors to Facebook, Twitter Immediately: "According to CNET, the FBI general council's office has drafted a proposed law that requires social networking websites and providers of email, instant messaging and VoIP to alter their services with additional code to make them "wiretap friendly." However the requirement to add the FBI's code will only apply if a threshold of a certain number of users is exceeded."
If they're already sucking it harder than Hoover, what's up here?

Probably the still barely functioning division between the government's unlimited "national security" exemption from any limits on spying on people still prevents them from doing so on simple law enforcement grounds. The FBI, having proved its competence and professionalism over the decade since 9-11, wants to expand its license to abuse and violate citizens beyond even the paltry restrictions that still exist.

Search warrants and the various prohibitions against self-incrimination and cruel and unusual punishment are going down! These are simply niceties of a more quaint era, and now that the gloves are truly off, dissidents and critics of the government or its patrons in the corporate world are to be rounded up and silenced by any means necessary.

Just a few remaining prohibitions need to be negated in the name of the all-powerful one, the government that watches over us all, and protects us from all threats, foreign and domestic -- by oath!

Who would object to such a benign and beneficent government as we have today?

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