Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cracker alert: better get your asses busy

This late-breaking news has just come across the wire. You crackers have been slackers, and now the darkies are hot on your heels in the procration derby:
Census: Minority births top whites - Tim Mak - "For the first time, racial minorities now represent more than half of the children born in the U.S., according to new census figures
African-Americans, Hispanics and other minorities made up 50.4 percent of U.S. births in the year ending July 2011, accounting for 2.02 million births, up from 37 percent in 1990, according to The Associated Press."
The big fear is about to be realized, as pure, white-bread Republicans are reaping the reward for subsidizing a couple of generations of mongrel procreation. Now, the parasite class is starting to outnumber the host, with horrifying results for the Aryan Nation.

Fat, stupid and obese, you would think the White race would be copulating like rabbits, and holding off the hoard. Alas, their indolence is rendering them impotent even to face this existential threat!

C'mon, boys, get those peckers up! Roll your concubine in flour until you find the wet spot, and then pork her.

We've got to stand up for God and country, since when Bark Obama got in the White House the blacks and taking over. And the Mexicans.

This deep philosophical analysis of the threat facing America is brought to you from the xenophobic morons of the GOP, who are always looking for an opportunity to miss an opportunity to fight the real enemy.

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