Sunday, May 27, 2012

The west's opinion makers are championing aggression

Here's from the FT, which seems to lay the onus for the failure of "nuclear" talks with Iran on the Iranians, when the real issue that needs to be addressed is casually ignored:
Iran’s intentions remain a mystery - "If Israel is to be deterred from attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities, there needs to be a peaceful diplomatic solution to the crisis over Tehran’s atomic programme. But after two rounds of intense negotiations between Iran and world powers, there is still no certainty that such a bargain is possible.
Two days of fraught talks with senior Iranian officials in Baghdad last week left western envoys none the wiser as to whether Iran really wants a deal that can allay fears that it is building a nuclear bomb or whether the Middle East is heading for a big conflict. To describe the outcome of the Baghdad meeting as a setback would be a little strong. This is a complex negotiation in which several bargaining rounds remain. Still, the optimism that reined in western capitals after an earlier meeting in Istanbul has gone. It has been replaced by a nervous realism that securing a deal with Iran will be hard indeed."
The impression the FT's editors give is that Iran has crossed some invisible line with its nuclear enrichment program which is intolerable to the right-thinking, peace-loving members of the US hegemonic world order.

What should be under discussion is not the potential for Iran to breakout of its treaty obligations under the NPT -- which has never been conclusively proven, though it's frequently suggested in groundless leaks -- but rather how the US has ignored its treaty obligations, as well as the elephant in the room: Israel.

Under the NPT, the assistance that Israel recieved from the US in building its own nuclear arsenal are both matters that should be roundly criticized and condemned by international institutions. But the US owns those institutions, or commands "allied nations" as its puppets, so all we get is this constant game of confrontation played out in the media between the rulers and their belligerent adversary.

There's an even dirtier game going on here, though, and that's the incipient threat of aggressive war against Iran by Israel -- particularly by way of its more powerful proxy, the USA.

Under the Nuremberg doctrine, waging a war of aggression is the supreme international crime. Still, when the US has done this on a number of occasions -- particularly Afghanistan and Iraq, though the list is ever-expanding -- there has been no unified international condemnation or trials of the culprits for war crimes and crimes against the peace.

Now these same aggressors are positioning themselves for a new round of aggression against a nation that has not attacked them, nor violated their national sovereignty. Quite the opposite, in fact: the US and Israel, through the MEK terrorist organization, have both waged a low-level, asymmetric war against Iran -- which, were the shoe on the other foot, would doubtless be answered in the the harshest terms.

If Iran's nuclear program were such a real threat and problem, there would be more evidence that trace amounts of radiation detected here and there -- according to anonymous reports leaked to a propaganda-mongering, co-opted media establishment. The constant efforts to hype up a virtual nothing suggests that the hype is the point, and not any real threat.

Let's condemn the criminal regimes that foment war and strife between people, and do what is necessary to cut off the head of this Hydra of aggression that plagues our already troubled planet. We can't afford those who make war for profit to make this a miserable place for ever more millions of people.

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