Friday, June 1, 2012

US-Israel are the rouge nations -- is anyone surprised?

The white knights on their high horses are always lecturing the rest of the world on the rules of etiquette and proper behavior. Never ones to let their objections to others go un-voiced, we are treated to a continuous cavalcade of condemnation from the awesome twosome of international rectitude.

Kidding aside, and knowing the track record of these two lawless bullies in their respective spheres of influence, is it any surprise that it's the chicken littles of diplomacy are in fact the actors whose lawless behavior is what most emphatically needs to be condemned?

It comes out today in the New York Times what nobody with half a brain ever doubted, and yet the brazenness of it deserves special recognition:
Stuxnet Reportedly Sourced to Israel and the U.S. -- "News emerged today that speculation about Stuxnet having been created by either the United States or Israel to attack Iran's nuclear capabilities might have been true. The worm, which reportedly hit at least five Iranian uranium enriching plants during a 10-month period last year, might have come from either or both of the countries.
In a book excerpt published today on The New York Times Web site, Times reporter David Sanger quoted several government officials in the Bush and Obama administrations on a not-for-attribution basis."
If one were to take the pronouncements of how certain nations pose a grave a threat to our peaceful and happy world, and aim them straight at Washington and Tel Aviv, one would be right on target in dispatching condemnation for unacceptable behavior. Instead, our erstwhile heroes routinely spew defamatory propaganda through their corporate megaphone media outlets, imputing their own reprehensible behavior to those they're condemning.

In short, this is the basest and more disgusting kind of hypocrisy imaginable. The US and Israel are constantly proclaiming how threatened they are by the diabolical plots of others, while they themselves are far and away practitioners of the most coldly calculating and morally defunct activities known to a world awash in perfidy.

There is no line they will not cross -- not a physical boundary like a border, nor the moral sort of inhibitions that most people aren't sociopathic enough to ignore -- to achieve their purely self-serving agendas of personal enrichment and territorial expansion. They commit acts of war against non-combatant nations, which they in turn brand as aggressors, not to be trusted.

We can see in the plainest terms here, how cyber-warfare is but another front in their constantly expanding theater of operations in a war against humanity, on behalf of the plutocracy that calls the shots in their banker-cartel-ized world order.

There is but one solution for this state of affairs, but it's not in anyone's power to effect the change that is required. For that to come about, we can only wait until the evil empire's own hubris brings it down, as the awful system that they've created to extract wealth and privilege collapses through their own insatiable lust and greed.

No one can beat them at their own game, because others aren't nearly as evil and calculating as they.

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