Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The state of the "terrorist threat" in the USA

Heaven help us, if this is all the government can come up with the justify all the $$$ the US spends combating the terrorist threat. In the economic basket-case heart of the country, where jobs and prosperity are becoming as rare as ice in the Arctic, an assemblage of sad-sack types are the best the FBI can come up with as the vanguard of the revolution:
BBC News - Five arrested over 'plot to blow up Ohio bridge': "Five men, including three self-described anarchists, are being questioned over an alleged plot to blow up an Ohio bridge.
The FBI says the accused were part of a plan to attack a four-lane bridge 15 miles (24km) from central Cleveland.
The public was not in danger because the explosives did not work and were being controlled by an undercover agent, the agency added.
None of the suspects are associated with foreign terror groups.
The overnight arrests were the result of an undercover sting operation as part of an investigation launched in October 2011, an FBI affidavit said."
Here we go again, to quote on of the luminaries of recent US political life. The FBI's well-paid informants (probably one of the last truly great growth industries in the country) are scouring the landscape for inept and easily led rejects in need of a conspiracy in which to fall in with, wittingly unwitting fall guys who can be induced with a minimum of effort to join in some hair-brained scheme to destroy some unlikely landmark on the premise that they're making some bold statement -- which merely humiliating themselves and landing a long term in a high-security federal prison.

If they'd enlisted in the armed services, we'd recognize and reward them with bed and board, before dumping them out of the streets again with a cracked brain and even less regard for human life. But as it is, we have these chimpanzees dancing to the tune of their federal paymasters, but in a completely inadvertent way, as they fulfill a public-relations mandate from HQ to make fools of themselves for the greater glory of the national security state.

Bravo, you morons!

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